Increasing Comments, Likes and Clicks on Your Social Media and Website (Engagement)

Here are some actions you need to put into your marketing efforts in order to get more likes, clicks and comments (User Engagement).

User engagement is measured by clicks, shares, downloads, comments, direct messages, and more. Other valuable outcomes include signups, purchases, subscriptions as well as clicks.


1. Super Consistent Content (post, article, video, graphics, insta story)

People need to see content that they want from you, on your social media and website - if they see something irrelevant, they are not going to like, follow or click through. 

Many people think:

“It is better to have a lot of different kinds of content on my pages.”

But that is WRONG and BAD advice (for starters, and I'll go into detail with future articles).

This is because the first 3 seconds on your page is spent figuring out “is this what i am looking for?” After that, they are trying to understand what is so different or special about what you are saying, and if this matches with the first-impression of your page.

So if they see a bunch of different post, they will get confused. It is too much work to figure out “what are you?”

So they will bounce. They won’t give another second to figure out how insightful, interesting, or life changing your content or service really is.

So how to do start to be consistent?

  1. Use 1 COLOUR THEME (a specific red, with a few other colours) and a maximum of 2 FONTS (type and size) for EVERYTHING..
  2. USE ONLY 1 MESSAGE (always be talking about one thing). For example, everything that my company, FastTrack, does is to “Help Agents Run a Real Estate BUSINESS - not do it as a self-employed INDIVIDUAL”
  3. USE ONLY ONE TONE (don’t mix funny with serious content)
  4. AUTOMATIC POSTING of Content - it takes too much effort and time to post everyday. Using free tools to do that for you.


2. Understand your Target Audience (people who you are interested in and will become your customer)


Even if you are an industry veteran, know that the best will be overtaken. 

The formula you used to find success are not the ones that people will overtake you with.

  • Audience demographics change
  • What they want change
  • What is exciting and interesting now is lame, dull and stupid tomorrow

Even for a marketing company that has served the same industry more than once, we redo our AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION for every single customer.

This is what we do; in one document:

  1. Write out what the product/service is - this forces all of our message, value proposition, emotions, tone and graphics ultra consistent.
  2. Meaningful segmentation - What are the factors about your audience that makes a difference in the effectiveness of your advertisements? Is it the location of residence, their income level, pain point, This is SUPER HARD to do. 
  3. Create 4 target profiles - this target profile should be a very clear example of customer A, B, C, and D. This is because you are marketing to PEOPLE. Every person is and has a SET of factors that governs his/her decisions. You need to be absolutely clear that your future Advertisement A can convince Customer Profile A, because of a whole lot of reasons. 
  4. Create Campaigns for each target profile - selling milk to a mum of 3 kids is very different from selling it to a middle aged dad with a pot-belly. You need to focus and create campaigns after campaigns targeting just one target profile at a time.


3. Widen your posting platforms!

Your social media pages and website or landing pages are not all that you have (to get engagement). 

Your comments and interactions on everyone’s else’s content matters too - in fact even more!

Say smart things. 

Link them to your post, articles, pages!

Give them relevant helpful content.

And do this ever so systematically:

  1. Every time I create a particular article I am responding to a direct question to me or a question that i’ve seen some where. 
  2. I create the article and then post the link with my direct reply to their question.
  3. I then also make a physical note that whenever someone asks me a similar question, i have a specific articles that I’ve written for them!
  4. Additionally, I go searching for others who have asked this question on social media and websites! It also doesn’t matter how long ago they asked that question. Because THE INTERNET IS FOREVER AND FOR EVERYONE; while the person must have had his/her answer replied to, chances are, someone with the same question will come stumbling to his query and find your helpful answer.


4. Do Giveaways

No wait! 

If you are starting up, running a giveaway is a HUGE expense. It might involve you looking for sponsorship or trying to spare an expense for this marketing effort.

“Is it better to give away $1000 bucks to increase your presence or to spend $1000 bucks on advertising your presence?”

That’s not an easy question to answer.

And more importantly, your business cannot afford for you to be wrong!

So how? Postpone that decision.


  • Do what you can that is valuable to others.
  • Do it at scale


If you can write articles do it.

If you can make jokes that make others laugh, do it. 

If you can film yourself doing your job and it is useful to others, do it.

As long as the content you create has a value to someone (your target audience), you should do it and keep doing it. That is the kind of giveaway you should be doing.



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But a business? Not quite. 

It takes a whole lot to transform a real estate agent into a real estate business - one that hires, market, create content, drive traffic, responds quickly to social media comments, creates exciting events, out of the box initiatives…  

But it doesn’t take a lot of start a conversation with us. 

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