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3 Houses | 3 Agents | 3 Minutes

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What is

HOUSIIING is a brand new web series launched by FastTrack that gives all agents a platform to showcase their properties. Each episode will feature 3 comparable properties that new homeowners, upgraders, downsizers, and investors will be interested in.

The goal of this series is to create excitement for buyers who will take action and contact the agents featured - your contact info will be featured towards the end of each episode.


  1. Agents will love that it is FREE to participate (in the first season at least ← so act fast!), and
  2. They get immediate exposure for themselves and their units - a fantastic way to show your sellers that you are well connected and incredibly resourceful.
  3. (Bonus) They receive an individual clip for their own promotion! ← Did I also mention that it's free?!

It’s a no-brainer decision to participate!

Who are we?

FastTrack is a Creative Media & Marketing company. We specialise in creative content for agents.

Online, buyers attention is very precious. This is why we always come up with new ways to excite your audiences and create opportunities where you benefit.

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